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DIY Mini Cyanotype Set

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DIY Mini Cyanotype Set


These DIY Mini Cyanotype Set can create beautiful and unique artworks, with the help of natural or man-made objects, it can produce unusual images in a few minutes, providing permanent finished prints.


The DIY Mini Cyanotype Set can capture beautiful images as a nice manual activity, it can bring people together in classrooms, camps, museums and other places to create together. In addition, it is also a very good scientific tool, because of its reaction to ultraviolet light, suitable for studying the sun; It can also be applied as ultraviolet measurement tool or a photographic medium in scientific experiments.


  1. Mix cyanoacrylate A and B in a ratio of 1:1.
  2. Use a brush to mix thoroughly.
  3. Use a brush to dip the mixed cyanotype solution, evenly apply to paper or cotton cloth, do not apply very thickly, a thin layer is enough to spread the solution evenly.
  4. The paper or cotton cloth coated with the blue tanning solution is naturally air-dried.
  5. Place plants, paper cuts or printed and negatives on top, acrylic is extremely fixed and the item fits better with the sheet of paper. The closer the effect is, the clearer it is in the outdoor sunlight. Expose under the sun for 5-15 minutes.
  6. Remove the item on the sheet of paper and place it under running water, rinse until the sheet of paper turns blue and there is no yellow. The color water can seep out, let it dry and its done.

Net Weight: 50 ml / 100 ml

1 x DIY Mini Cyanotype Set

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